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UT Partners in Advanced Composites Research through NSF Program

“Through this grant, we will be able to strengthen industry partnerships that advance groundbreaking research and development in advanced composites,” said Uday Vaidya, UT–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Advanced Composites Manufacturing and UT’s lead on the project.

UT, UK to Spearhead $50 Million Advanced Manufacturing Project for Army

UT Part of $25M Nuclear Research and Development Project

Wu Wins Top Engineering Award for Materials Science Research

“The center has provided me resources and support to help me achieve fruitful personal development,” said Wu. “They have inspired me to investigate all sorts of interesting ideas and have motivated me to find solutions and answers.

Research Highlights: Materials Science & Engineering and Nuclear Engineering

Materials science and engineering and nuclear engineering faculty team up as part of a $30 million consortium sponsored by DOE. Howard Hall, Governor’s Chair for Global Nuclear Security and Professor, nuclear engineering (NE); Research Professor in materials science and engineering (MSE) and Director of the Scintillation Materials Research Center, Chuck Melcher; Jason Hayward, NE Associate […]

International Groups Taking Notice of UT Materials Research Center

In the ten years since its founding, the Scintillation Materials Research Center in UT’s College of Engineering has become one of the world’s leading centers for the discovery, development, and application of scintillators—materials that emit light when in the presence of radiation, providing a valuable detection method.