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Forbes: Repealing Fuel Economy Standards To Cost American Households Nearly $1000 Per Year

David Greene, research professor of civil and environmental engineering, was featured by Forbes for his research study on the effects of government fuel economy improvements. The study found that the improved standards had saved Americans a cumulative 1.5 trillion gallons of gas since 1975. Read about Greene’s research and the effects of repealing fuel economy standards.

NSF Funds Social Work, Engineering Collaboration to Fight Flooding

“There are a variety of different systems in place around the country, and many ideas for how to use nature as part of new systems,” said Jon Hathaway, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering. “The challenge is that some areas are more willing to adopt new practices than others.”

Curbed: How E-bikes Can Help Turn Drivers Into Bike Commuters

According to Christopher Cherry, a transportation researcher at UT, e-bikes are 10 to 20 times more energy-efficient than a car. These vehicles can fill in a particular transit niche in denser areas—trips up to 3 to 4 miles—and can help replace journeys spent behind the wheel of a vehicle. Read More »

Research Highlight: Thanos Papanicolaou

Thanos Papanicolaou’s research is informing farmers and improving agricultural techniques designed to preserve and restore soil organic carbon (SOC) for healthier soil. Carbon is essential to soil, but it is easily depleted from intensively managed landscapes. Papanicolaou’s research focuses on ground slope and its relationship to concentrations of carbon in the soil from organic sources. […]