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Study Abroad Student Trip Report: Isabella Macher

Isabella Macher straddles the Prime Meridian line.

Being allowed to explore the city of London with my fellow 20 engineering students and the two professors was the best way to fully dive into the history and culture of a vibrate city. Together we were able to complete a scavenger hunt in the British Science Museum, learn about the breaking of the WWII German codes at Bletchley Park, stand on the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, and understand the history of surgical operations at the Old Operating Theater.

Several students explore the history of surgical operations at the Old Operating Theater.

My favorite excursion was one of the first ones, the Kew Water and Steam Museum. We were given a private tour of the original steam engines that were used to supply water to the city of London. This excursion fully linked to what we were learning in Thermodynamics. Any confusion I had about the mechanics of the different engine cycles we were discussing in class dissipated after seeing these engines operate. It was an amazing and unique experience.

This experience allowed me to connect with fellow engineering students that have become some of my best friends. This study abroad has also allowed me to step into the shoes of the fathers of modern engineering and understand their way of thinking. I have developed a mindset in which I ask more questions about the technology I use in everyday life and the technology I know I will develop in the future. I’m so thankful to have gained academic and cultural knowledge over these past four weeks.