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Eli Logan working on a computer for his study abroad course in the Czech Republic

Study Abroad Student Report: Eli Logan

I had the opportunity to participate in the Nuclear Research Reactor Laboratory Summer course in Prague, Czech Republic. Throughout this course, I had the opportunity to perform experiments on and operate the VR-1 research reactor at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Furthermore, I was able to experience the extraordinary culture, architecture, and landscapes of both the Czech Republic and Austria. Our itinerary included sites such as the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant, the Řež Research Center, Prague Castle, the United Nations, and Schönbrunn Palace. Each of the places we visited provided a unique and informative experience.

Having a hands-on learning opportunity with a nuclear reactor allowed me to strengthen the knowledge I learned in previous nuclear engineering classes. Being able to apply the concepts that I have been exposed to for the past three years was a truly rewarding experience. Moreover, the professors at the Czech Technical University were highly informative in both their lectures and laboratories. I learned many new concepts about nuclear reactors and neutron detection that will remain extremely useful as I continue down my path in nuclear engineering.

The experiences that I had throughout the duration of this trip were unlike anything I have been exposed to before, and I would highly recommend studying abroad. I am thankful for my classmates, the VR-1 reactor staff, and Dr. Bogetic for making this course extraordinary!

Eli Logan posing in front of a window looking out at Prague in the Czech Republic
an old building in the Czech Republic
church in Czech Republic