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Winners of the Alcoa–College of Engineering Study Abroad Fellowships for Summer, 2012

With the start of the college’s first faculty-led programs this summer, our application pool tripled from last year, and the college is very pleased to be able to respond to this demand and support a larger number of students for programs this year. Here are the winners.

Caleb Brantley, sophomore in Civil Engineering; William Henderson, sophomore in Civil Engineering; and Angela Pelle (at far right), junior in Civil Engineering, will be part of the group traveling to Innsbruck, Austria, with Dr. Glenn Tootle of our Civil Engineering Department to study “Water Resources and Climate in the European Alps.”

Mischa Buckler, junior in Computer Engineering; Joseph Dorris, freshman in Computer Engineering; and William Flaherty, senior in Computer Engineering will be part of a group traveling to London and Cambridge for Dr. Michael Berry’s “Celebration of the Life of Alan Turing” course.

Ben Hamilton, sophomore in Mechanical Engineering; Alex Doss, junior in Mechanical Engineering; Ana Evans, sophomore in Mechanical Engineering; Matthieu Huszar, junior in Industrial Engineering; and John Townsend, sophomore in Mechanical Engineering will be part of a group going to London, England with Dr.’s Roger Parsons and Paul Crilly to study Thermodynamics and Circuits.

On non-UT programs, Ethan Cansler, junior in Aerospace Engineering, will be studying German language and culture in Berlin, and Alysse Ness, sophomore in Biosystems Engineering, will be studying Environmental Science and Engineering in Leuven, Belgium.