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Student Reports: Turin, Italy, 2013

B.J. Byers and Anna Bacon

B.J. Byers and Anna Bacon in Torino, Italy
B.J. Byers and Anna Bacon in Torino, Italy

While these dates are certainly meant to be devoted to study and preparation, we couldn’t resist dedicating a portion of this time to exploring Europe and experiencing various cultures. While this semester abroad has already allowed us to see numerous countries, we used the opportunity presented by this break in the Italian class schedule to visit some very interesting places. As classes in Knoxville drew to an end and our classmates graduated, all of the students in Torino were still busy attending lectures and labs. The Italian class schedule instead requires students to continue attending classes until mid-June. Immediately following are several weeks of rest before the final exams period begins.

Each of the Tennessee students traveled to different places, and thus the following pictures in Cinque Terre, Malta, the Alps, and Rome are solely of us.