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Exploring a New Tomorrow


Stewart Goodwin
Stewart Goodwin is a senior in mechanical engineering. He participated in the “Engineering a New Tomorrow” themed Caribbean cruise of the Semester at Sea program.

My “Semester at Sea” has been thus far amazing. The theme of the short-term voyage is “Engineering a New Tomorrow.” I have enjoyed learning about my course, Human Factors Engineering. It is a systems engineering course that really should be taken by all engineers! It is very interesting and uses psychology to determine cultural and environmental factors to make good design. I am also taking a seminar learning about the Millennial Development Goals, such as water, sanitation, sustainability, and health for developing countries, and how engineering can help solve these

In Trinidad, I toured the University of T & T and learned about maritime studies and ship navigation. I also met some locals and hung out (“liming” to the locals) with them and went to the movies to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean. I visited a monastery in the mountains and had hot tea with monks!

I am currently in Panama for the last night. I stayed in a hostel last night for 13 bucks in Panama City and rode a train back to the port. I saw the canal today and got to walk across it and see the control room! Two days until Costa Rica and hopefully some surfing!!

Every student and especially engineer should travel and do Semester at Sea!