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Staff Spotlight: Wanda Turpin Helps Vols Plan to Go Pro

Wanda Turpin, Engineering Professional Practice
Wanda Turpin, Engineering Professional Practice

Wanda Turpin is the administrative specialist for our Engineering Professional Practice office. Her role keeps her on the forefront of the program, providing information, coordinating appointments with advisors, and planning events like the Engineering Expo or the annual cookout.

“I love planning events,” said Turpin, though she hasn’t been able to do that as much in the past year due to the pandemic. “I enjoy the people I work with. Someone is always willing to help when you need anything. I also enjoy working with the students and keeping up with their achievements after they have left our program. There is some amazing talent coming out of the Tickle College of Engineering.”

While she is originally from Knoxville, Turpin lived elsewhere for 20 years while her husband, Matt, was in the Air Force.

“We moved back in 2015, and I am so happy to be back home,” she said.

Turpin’s career background was as an administrative medical assistant before she joined the college of engineering. In her free time, she enjoys do-it-yourself projects.

“I love DIY,” she said. “Woodworking. Painting, creating. If I’m not at work, I’m probably in my garage building something. I love the satisfaction of creating something with my own hands.”

She and Matt have been together for 25 years.

“We have two great kids,” said Turpin. “Blake, who graduated from UT in May, and Abbey, who will start at UT in the fall.”