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Carrie Zitzman

Staff Spotlight: Carrie Zitzman

Carrie Zitzman is the administrative assistant for Dean Janis Terpenny, and also supports Associate Dean Bill Dunne and the college research coordinators.

“I support the dean with daily activities such as calendar and travel,” said Zitzman. “I also am a prime contact within the college for general questions and coordination throughout the college.”

Her support role for the dean contributes to the entire college as she interacts with multiple departments, centers, administrative offices, and more on a daily basis.

“I also have facilities and parking on speed dial since I call them almost daily,” she said.

Zitzman enjoys roles that offer a challenge. Prior to working at UT, she held project/contract administrator and executive assistant positions and supported government contracts, disaster cleanup in New York after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina (and a dozen other hurricanes), and wildland fire aviation dispatch.

“I love being an ‘executive assistant’—that’s what it’s called in the corporate world where I came from—and the more complex the position, the more fun I have,” she said.

She also loves photography, especially when it comes to photos of her almost-teenage son, Nathan, and his soccer teams.

“He is the center of everything I do,” said Zitzman. “If you’ve ever stopped by, I’m sure you were forced to see pictures of him. We spend the majority of our week at the soccer fields. We like to play Lego games on the PS4 and watch movies together.”

She describes a week at the beach each year as “my happy place,’ and also enjoys camping and kayaking.