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Tennessee River at sunrise with Engineering campus in the background

Several From College Make Stanford List of Top 2 Percent Cited in World

For faculty and researchers, having your work cited by others brings validation of your work on both on its own right and as a building block of your field, not to mention a bit of prestige as well.

Stanford University creates annual- and career-long lists of the world’s most cited researchers by compiling data to come up with a composite score that takes into account the wide variety of citations, such as whether the person was sole author or one of many, for example. They then list faculty by that score, with the result being a ranking of the top 2 percent of cited researchers from around the world.

Of those, 75 researchers who currently work in the Tickle College of Engineering—or whose cited work took place while they were—made the list, led by UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Nuclear Materials Steve Zinkle, with a score of 3.8126.

“These rankings highlight both the high impact work that our tremendous faculty and students are doing in our research programs,” said Dean Matthew Mench, the Wayne T. Davis Dean’s Chair of the college. “Citations of our research activity from others is an important measure of the level of innovation and discovery we are driving through our research programs. These rankings are one measure of the leadership that the Tickle College of Engineering demonstrates in various engineering disciplines ”

Other college faculty and researchers to make the list were:

PersonScoreField (As listed by Stanford)
Steven Zinkle3.8126Energy
Arthur Ragauskas3.7597Biotechnology
Zhanhu Guo3.6434Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
William Weber3.6019Applied Physics
Suresh Babu3.4766Materials
Easo George3.4675Materials
Fangxing Li3.3623Energy
Bimal Bose*3.3443Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Takeshi Egami3.3334Applied Physics
Peter Liaw3.2968Materials
Jack Dongarra*3.275Distributed Computing
Baoshan Huang3.2024Logistics and Transportation
Matthew Mench3.155Energy
Andrew Steiner3.1353Nuclear and Particle Physics
T.G. Nieh*3.1171Materials
Fei Wang3.1017Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Leon Tolbert3.0888Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Brian Wirth3.045Energy
Tony Schmitz2.9871Industrial Engineering and Automation
Yanfei Gao2.9696Materials
Audris Mockus2.9558Software Engineering
Asad Khattak2.9529Logistics and Transportation
Terry Hazen2.9519Microbiology
Yanwen Zhang2.9427Applied Physics
Lynne Parker2.8667Industrial Engineering and Automation
David Mandrus2.8638Applied Physics
Thomas Zawodzinski2.8468Energy
Husheng Li2.8414Networking and Telecommunications
Uday Vaidya2.8399Materials
Caleb Rucker2.8162Industrial Engineering and Automation
Joshua Fu2.8003Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences
Charles Melcher2.7931Nuclear and Particle Physics
Frank Löffler2.7366Microbiology
Himanshu Thapliyal2.7203Computer Hardware and Architecture
Stephen Paddison2.7175Chemical Physics
Daniel Costinett2.7175Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Nima Farzadnia*2.7174Building and Construction
Hairong Qi2.7049Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
Zhenbo Wang2.6996Aerospace and Aeronautics
David Greene2.6975Energy
Anming Hu2.6841General Physics
Bin Zhao2.667Polymers
Yilu Liu2.666Energy
Kurt Sickafus*2.6552Applied Physics
Brett Compton2.6126Materials
Mingjian Cui*2.6057Energy
Eric Lass2.6055Materials
Christopher Cherry2.5999Logistics and Transportation
Khalid Alshibli2.5977Geological and Geomatics Engineering
Kevin Tomsovic2.5715Energy
Chad Duty2.548Materials
Benjamin Blalock2.5395Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Katherine Page2.5164Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry
Garrett Rose2.4984Computer Hardware and Architecture
Douglas Aaron2.4824Energy
Kai Sun2.4759Energy
Abhijeet Borole2.472Biotechnology
Michael Best2.4685Organic Chemistry
James Coder*2.4564Aerospace and Aeronautics
Jian Liu2.4499Networking and Telecommunications
Hua Bai2.4375Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Dan Wilson2.4179Fluids and Plasmas
Nicholas Brown2.3646Energy
Mohamed Mahfouz2.3568Networking and Telecommunications
Dayakar Penumadu2.353Materials
Maik Lang2.3171Applied Physics
Aly Fathy2.2895Networking and Telecommunications
Paul Palies2.2266Aerospace and Aeronautics
Lawrence Townsend*2.2106Aerospace and Aeronautics
Stanimire Tomov2.2023Distributed Computing
Piotr Luszczek2.1781Distributed Computing
Jayne Wu2.1376Analytical Chemistry
George Bosilca2.0732Distributed Computing
He Yin2.0596Electrical and Electronic Engineering

*Emeritus or no longer with UT

The University of Tennessee as a whole had 172 on the 2021-22 list, topped by Gore Hunger Professor of Environmental Science Daniel Simberloff, from the College of Arts and Sciences, who came in at 845 with a score of 4.123.