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Alumni and friends enable big ideas and experiences throughout the college every day with their support. Check out these sentiments from grateful Vols touched by opportunities from generous investments.

At UL, we supply trust. The trust that consumers have when they see our UL mark in a circle, knowing an item meets rigorous safety standards, is our product. Partnerships like the one we have with UT allow us to solidify our ability to broaden our influence and make the world a safer place”

—Terry Brady, President
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Corporate donor
Terry Brady

My hope is that this scholarship can help someone who is tight on money get through school without having to worry quite as much about paying for it. Then they can go change the world.”

—Michael Dodd (BS/EE ’95)
Scholarship Donor
Michael Dodd

When someone says ‘I’m a University of Tennessee graduate’ I want people to say ‘Wow.’”

—John (BS/IE ’65) and Ann (BS/ELED ’65) Tickle
Namesake of the college
John and Ann Tickle

I am extremely grateful for the honor of John D. Tickle Professor. It affirms the prestige of Tennessee Engineering’s education and my research across the globe while enabling me to do my best to work with and for our students, to ensure that they graduate with well-equipped skills and thrive in their industries.”

—Joshua Fu
John D. Tickle Professor
Joshua Fu

I was fortunate to have received some scholarship money when I was a student. Now I feel an obligation to do the same for others that was done for me.”

—Kim Greene (BS/ES ’88)
Scholarship donor
Kim Greene

Receiving the Fred D. Brown, Jr. Engineering Scholarship is an honor that is allowing me to fulfill my educational goals, focus on my future career, and worry less about financial expenses. I am highly appreciative to my award donors because scholarships have allowed me to seize so many opportunities.”

—Jaqueria Stout
Scholarship recipient
Jaqueria Stout

Established to honor Ralph (BS/NE ’66) and his wife Ardona (BS/Math ’68), the family is leaving a legacy for students following in Ralph Jr.’s footsteps and to remember the great things he did in his life, including a 34-year career in nuclear engineering starting with the first nuclear carrier, the Nimitz.

Barbara Pemberton (BS/Math ’69) and parents
Willie Mae Boles & Ralph C Boles
Ralph Boles

My co-op experience has proven invaluable to my understanding of what exactly a chemical engineer does and how they do it. My co-op and scholarships were made possible by people who care about education. I want to express my sincerest gratitude for not only what donors to UT have done for me, but what they have done for every young aspiring student whose pursuit of a higher education is made possible by charitable gifts and volunteering talents for this university.”

—Bryson Nash
Scholarship recipient
Bryson Nash