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In the News: TCE Hosts Future Cities Competition

The Tickle College of Engineering served as host for the DiscoverE Future City Competition this past weekend. The competition asks for middle school students to imagine what our cities will look like 100 or more years into the future—paying special attention to climate change and energy resiliency.

The event was hosted in the Tickle Engineering Building and featured judges from the college and the Tennessee Society of Professional Engineers. The goal of the competition is to cultivate interest in engineering among middle schoolers.

Jenny Retherford, a senior lecturer in civil and environmental engineering, served as the UT coordinator for last year’s event. She noted that the competition was having an impact beyond the students.

“Future City was designed as an after-school program, so I was pleased to see that so many whole families showed up to support the student involved in the competition,” she said. “It’s clear that this program is having an impact at the family level.”

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