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Ideas in Motion at MABE Senior Design Showcase 2018

The Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering held its third annual Senior Design Showcase on Thursday, April 26, at Thompson-Boling Arena. The showcase allows the students to show off the team projects they have worked hard on all year. Students presented 43 projects on display this year.

The UT Swimming and Diving team put together a video demonstration on one of the senior design projects, featuring MABE student Mia Becker. View their video on Instagram.

MABE Department Head Matthew Mench introduces some of the action on video for Facebook Live.

Best Poster
First place
Muse Team 1: Interactive Water Table Museum Exhibit, Team members:  Laura Burke, Mikayla Ehrsam, Elizabeth Fowler, and Sarah Higginbotham.
Faculty Advisor: Toby Boulet

Second place
MECO Team 1: Charcoal Chimney for Aussie Walk-A-Bout, Team members:  Nabeel Jaser, Hayden Turkington, Nick Bales, and Seth Newport.
Faculty Advisor: Toby Boulet

Third place
ORNL MDF Team: Dual-Wire Robotic MIG Smart-Tool System for Robotic Welding Arm, Team members:  David Marsh, Patrick Jung, Andrew Reis, and Heather Young.
Faculty Advisor: William Hamel

Best ME project
First place
Muse Team 1: Interactive Water Table Museum Exhibit, Team members:  Laura Burke, Mikayla Ehrsam, Elizabeth Fowler, and Sarah Higginbotham.
Faculty Advisor:  Toby Boulet

Second place
Greenleaf Industries Team 2: Automated AC Knob Assembly, Team members: Jake Dvorak, Patrick Rimer, Felipe Gutierrez, and Aaron Beaubien. Faculty Advisor:  Eric Espinoza-Wade

Third place
KARM Team: Side Load Gaylord Dumper, Team members:  Andrew Dias, Ryan Glenn, Andrew Homan, and Jordan Salyers.
Faculty Advisor:  Doug Aaron

Best Biomedical Engineering project
Biomedical Team 1: Cardiac Catheterization Simulation Device, Team members: Rachel Slappy, Jade Hestand, Debra Sagmiller, and Joshua Key.
Faculty Advisor:  Jeff Reinbolt

Best Aerospace Engineering project
Aerospace Team 1: AIAA Design-Build-Fly Competition, Team members:  Mohanad Alhams, Jared Carnes, John Champlin, Nathan Evans, Nicholas Kearse, Jake McCoy, Josh Mohammed, Maxwell Samlow, and William Wisdom.
Faculty Advisor: Robert Bond

Automated Practice Target

UT dive team member Nicholas Rusek tries out the Automated Practice Target designed my MABE seniors for the Senior Design Showcase. The project team included Julia Meyer, MaryBeth Iannuzzi, Lee Fullem, and Lindsay Little.

See the football target in action.


Adam Cable, center, demonstrates his biomedical engineering team’s Senior Design project, the PB-Vital 1, an attachable gurney support system. The device would aid physicians in treating unconscious or otherwise incapacitated patients while on a gurney. The team included Kaleb King, Will Clayton, and Shelby Goodsell.

Hear Adam detail the project in this video.

STAR- Arena-Sprinkler-System

Olivia Berger explains her team’s STAR Arena Sprinkler System to showcase visitors. The team of senior designers included Malik Crutchfield, Austin Grimes and Patrick Parker.


Modeling the Tennessee River: Mikayla Ehrsam, center, gives visitors the details on the Interactive Water Table Museum Exhibit project she created with Laura Burke, Elizabeth Fowler, and Sarah Higginbotham.


Frank Dam narrates a video display about his team’s Robotic Palletizing Suction Cup Arm for the Mohawk carpet company. His collaborators were Zachary Nicely, Allen Stanley, and Shane Wood. The device would transfer mats from a conveyor belt to a pallet while also properly orienting the mats.


David Crafton, Austin Cain, Davis Cole, and Kera Stoops designed the Merry-Go-Meow for Young-Williams Animal Shelter. The device allows shelter workers or potential adopters to remotely interact with a cat when viewed through a window in any area not open to the public.

Hear about the project and see the Merry-Go-Meow in action.


Patrick Jung and David Marsh, from left, presented the Dual Wire Robotic MIG Smart-tool System for a Robotic Welding Arm. Their teammates were Andrew Reis and Heather Young.


The Big Orange Hovercraft rested just outside the showcase area. Team members:  Leyton Adams, Luke Hudgin, Thomas Jacobs, and Lauren Morelock.