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Dr. Philip Rack works in JIAM Lab

Chairs, Professorships, and Faculty Fellows

Great professors are at the core of every great university. Their expertise and passion translate into the creation of knowledge that transmits to next generations through their teaching. Private support to endow and name a chair, professorship, or faculty fellow has tremendous impact – enabling the university to attract and retain the highest caliber of faculty. The Tickle College of Engineering is proud to recognize the donors who have created these funds and to applaud the faculty named to receive them.

* Denotes donor is deceased


Robert M. Condra Chair of Excellence in Computer Integrated Engineering & Manufacturing

Held By: Matthew Mench

Donor:*Robert (EE & ME ’23) and *Evelyn Condra

Robert M. Condra Chair of Excellence in Computer Integrated Engineering & Manufacturing

Held By: Fred Wang

Donor: *Robert (EE & ME ’23) and *Evelyn Condra

CTI Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Held By: Kevin Tomsovic

Donors: Michael Crabtree (EE ’73, ’75), Terry Douglass (EE ’65, ’66, ’68), J. Kelly Milam (EE ’61, ’64), and Ronald Nutt (EE ’61, ’62, ’69)

Wayne T. Davis Endowed Dean’s Chair in Engineering

Held By: Matthew Mench

Donors: Joe (IE ’65) and Judy Cook, Chad (IE ’70) and Ann (Comm ’70) Holliday, John (IE ’65) and Ann (Educ ’65) Tickle, and Eric (IE ’84) and Elaine (Nursing ’82) Zeanah

Ericsson-Harlan D. Mills Chair of Software Engineering

Held By: Audris Mockus

Donor: Ericsson

Gibson Chair

Held By: Stephen Paddison

Donor: Jim Gibson (IE ’71)

Henry C. Goodrich Chair of Excellence in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Held By: Open

Donor: Friends of *Henry Goodrich (CE ’43)

Leonard Garfield Penland Chair

Held By: Philip Rack

Donor: *Leonard G. Penland (ME ’32)

Ivan Racheff Chair in Materials Science & Engineering

Held By: Peter K. Liaw

Donor: Friends of *Ivan Racheff


Alvin & Sally Beaman Professorship

Held By: Bamin Khomami

Donor: *Alvin (Bus Admin ’33) and *Sally Beaman

Blalock, Kennedy, Pierce Analog Electronics Professorship

Held By: Benjamin Blalock

Donor: David Binkley (EE ’78, ’84, ’92), James Rochelle (EE ’65, ’68, ’74), and others

Dr. Edwin G. Burdette Professorship

Held By: Baoshan Huang

Donor: Charles (CE ’74) and Lynn Hodges (Liberal Arts ’74), and others

Robert M. Condra Professorship

Held By: Chris Cox

Donor: *Robert (EE & ME ’23) and *Evelyn Condra

Cook-Eversole Professorship

Held By: Open

Donor: Joe (IE ’65) and Judy Cook, Bill (EE ’73) and Jenny Eversole

Jack Dongarra Endowed Professorship

Held By: Michela Taufer

Donor: Anonymous

John Fisher Professorship

Held By: Peter Liaw

Donor: *John (BA Bus Admin ’38) and *Janice Fisher

Weston Fulton Professorship

Held By: Open

Donor: Robertshaw Industrial Products

Gibson Professorship

Held By: Joshua Fu

Donor: Jim Gibson (IE ’71)

Gonzalez Family EECS Professorship

Held By: Hairong Qi

Donor: Ralph and Connie Gonzalez

Armour T. Granger Memorial Professorship

Held By: Bamin Khomami

Donor: *Henry Goodrich (IE ’43)

Jerry and Kay Henry Professorship

Held By: David Mandrus

Donor: Charles “Jerry” (Engr Physics ’63 – UTC) and Kay Henry

Min H. Kao Electrical and Computer Engineering Professorship

Held By: Leon Tolbert

Donor: Min H. (EE, ’74, ’77) and Fan Kao

Magnavox Professorship

Held By: Open

Donor: NAP Consumer Electronics Company

James C. McConnell Professorship

Held By: Fran Li

Donor: *James McConnell (EE ’61, ’62)

James C. McConnell Professorship

Held By: Jens Gregor

Donor: *James McConnell (EE ’61, ’62)

Fred N. Peebles Professorship

Held By: Dayakar Penumadu

Donor: Tickle College of Engineering Board of Advisors

Charles P. Postelle Distinguished Professorship in Nuclear Engineering

Held By: J. Wesley Hines

Donor: *Charles P. Postelle (Educ ’43)

Dr. John Prados Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Professorship

Held By: Gila Stein

Fred Mason Roddy Professorship in Biomedical Engineering

Held By: Richard Komistek

Donor: Fred M. Roddy Foundation, David McIntyre, President

Tickle Professor

Held By: Joshua Fu

Donor: John (IE ’65) and Ann (Educ ’65) Tickle

Tickle Professor

Held By: Lawrence Heilbronn

Donor: John (IE ’65) and Ann (Educ ’65) Tickle

Tickle Professor

Held By: Mingzhou Jin

Donor: John (IE ’65) and Ann (Educ ’65) Tickle

Dr. James Conklin Endowed Faculty Fellowship

Held By: Andrew Sarles

Donor: James Conklin (ME ’89)

Dan Doulet Faculty Fellow

Held By: Xueping Li

Donor: Anonymous

Dan Doulet Faculty Fellow

Held By: James Ostrowski

Donor: Anonymous

Ferguson Faculty Fellow in Chemical Engineering

Held By: Cong T. Trinh

Donor:J. Brian Ferguson/Ferguson Family Foundation

Heath Endowed Faculty Fellow in Business & Engineering

Held By: Rupy Sawhney

Donor: Ralph (EE ’70, MBA ’75) and Janet (Home Econ ’76) Heath

Pietro F. Pasqua Fellow

Held By: Maik Lang

Southern Company Faculty Fellow

Held By: Jamie Coble

Donor: Southern Company

UCOR Outstanding Nuclear Engineering Faculty Fellow

Held By: Jason Hayward

Donor: UCOR

Jessie Rogers Zeanah Faculty Fellow

Held By: Stephanie TerMaath

Donor: Eric (IE ’84) and Elaine (Nursing ’82) Zeanah

Zinkle Faculty Fellow

Held By: Livia Casali

Donor: Steven J. and Teresa M. Zinkle

Zinkle Faculty Fellow

Held By: David Donovan

Donor: Steven J. and Teresa M. Zinkle


Richard Rosenberg Associate Professor of Practice in Mechanical Engineering

Held By: Matthew Young

Donor: Anonymous

Underwriters Laboratory Professor of Practice

Held By: David Icove

Donor: Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.

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