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Engineering Vols Find Success at 2022 EURēCA

Students across the Tickle College of Engineering (TCE) were selected for recognition at this year’s Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EURēCA), an annual event that showcases research and creative activities by currently enrolled undergraduate students in collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Eleven projects won awards ranging from first place to awards of merit at this year’s EURēCA.

This year’s event was held April 25 in the Student Union Ballroom. Submissions were judged by a panel of UT faculty members and industry partners. Special thanks to the college’s judges: Daniel Yoder, Toby Boulet, Mary Kocak, Scott Emrich, Doug Aaron, David Donovan, Ahmedullah Aziz, Betsy Chesnutt, David Keffer, Mark Denavit, Claudia Rawn, Maik Lang, Bryan Good, Lawrence Heilbronn, Seungha Shin, Andrew Dickerson, Colleen Crouch, Martin Grossbeck, Killian Samuels, Stephen Young, Michael Pagan, and Daniel Mountain.

TCE Research Awards

Award NameStudent(s)Project Title
First PlaceMatthew Valderrama, Christopher Webb, Mackenzie Camp, Charlotte Buchanan
Faculty Mentor: David Keffer
Materials Analysis and Reproduction of Rubber Cloth and Other Materials Necessary for Preserving the Musical Organ Manufacturing and Repair Industry
Second PlaceMadeline Loveday
Faculty Mentor: Mariya Zhuravleva
Phase formation of High-Entropy Rare-Earth Monoclinic Aluminates
Third PlaceJonathan Shell
Faculty Mentor: Nicholas Wierschem
Passive Structural Control Achieved with a Mass Lever Inerter
Award of MeritNathaniel Blalock
Faculty Mentor: Cong Trinh
High Throughput Enzyme Screening for Ester Quantification
Award of MeritMichael Broud
Faculty Mentor: David Keffer
Investigation of Preferential CO2 Binding And Lignin-derived Carbon Quantum Dots Through Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Award of MeritJordan Huff
Faculty Mentor: Anahita Khojandi
An Analysis of Applying LSTM Neural Networks to Predict Future Watershed Reservoir Depth
Award of MeritNicole Nguyen
Faculty Mentor: Paul Dalhaimer
Soft poly-ethylene-glycol (PEG) micelles and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) resolve autophagy and reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion in RAW264.7 mouse macrophages
Award of MeritNeel Reeves
Faculty Mentor: Courtney Faber
Measuring Pre-Service, K-12 Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Teaching Engineering and Their Perceptions of Engineering as a Career
Award of MeritMcKayla Torbett
Faculty Mentor: Stephen Sarles
Bioprinting osmotically actuated tissue-like materials

TCE Design Awards

Award NameStudent(s)Project Title
First PlaceMadeline Ginsberg, Bryce Miller, Ella Knight, Jaimie Armitage
Faculty Mentor: Andrea Ludwig
Engineered Media Amendment Selection and Testing Procedure
Second PlacePatricia Abernathy, Keely Sage, Sean Moran
Faculty Mentor: Jiajia Chen
Bioreactor for Cultured Meat Research