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Daily Beacon: Game Design Team Looks to Future of Virtual Design

Brett Brownlee, a graduate student in the Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, took ownership of the Game Design and Virtual Reality Clube pushing for more technology to be made for students who want to further their interest in game design.

UT’s game design and virtual reality club is preparing for a major technological win this semester as Hodges Library Studio begins to devote a dedicated space to virtual reality and game-making “Tinker Tools.”

“The main thing (this equipment) should be used for is game design,” Brownlee said. “In a game, you create art; you create music; you program. (This) is a software where you can do all of those things — but inside VR (virtual reality), very intuitively. You don’t have to spend a week learning a specific program; you just go inside the program. You can 3D model; you can program music and make sort of simple game things.”

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