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COE Undergraduates Win at EUReCA

On Tuesday evening, April 14, 2015, nine Tickle College of Engineering undergraduate research projects were singled out as award winners in this year’s Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EUReCA).

Office of Research and Engagement Gold Award and Tickle College of Engineering
1st Place Award

  • Marti Bell, CBE — Autocatalytic Activation of the Hemagglutinin in Influenza,
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eric Boder

Office of Research and Engagement Silver Award and Tickle College of Engineering
2nd Place Award

  • Jordan Hicks, CEE — Timescale of Clay-Polymer Composite Response Using Expansion Index Test,
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Angel Palomino

Office of Research and Engagement Bronze Award and Tickle College of Engineering
3rd Place Award

  • Logan Terheggen, CBE — Charge Transport in Imidazole-based Deep Eutectic Mixtures
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joshua Sangoro

Tickle College of Engineering Honorable Mention Awards

  • James Ghawaly, NE — Development of a Radioisotope Identification Algorithm for Gamma Spectra with a Low Energy Signal-to-noise Ratio
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Howard Hall
  • William Hoskins, MSE — Effects of Heat Treatment, Chemical Composition, and Cladding on the High Temperature Hydrogen Attack Resistance of C-½ Mo Steels,
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carl Lundin
  • Shane Hagen, CEE — Quantifying Extracellular Enzyme Activity In Deep-Sea Sediment From the Mediterranean Sea Through The Use Of Fluorometric Assays
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Terry Hazen
  • Sara Parker and Jenny Patel, MABE — Elucidating Sex-Related Differences in Calcification of Rat Aortic Heart Valves
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Zannatul Ferdous
  • Matt Loyd, MSE — Homogeneity and annealing study on CsSrBr3:Eu scintillator,
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mariya Zhuravleva

In addition, the following poster won one of two Innovation Awards for the entire university.

  • Ellen Moore, William Barbour, and Jay McMillan, BSE — Design of a Mobile Shade Structure for Organic Dairy Cattle
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Wilkerson

These awards come with cash prizes, given by the Office of Research and the Tickle College of Engineering. There were thirty-eight total engineering entries from all 8 engineering departments, representing the excellent work of our students.

Special thanks to the faculty members on the judging team:

Dr. Paul Dalhaimer, CBE
Dr. Mariya Zhuravleva, MSE
Dr. Garrett Rose, EECS
Dr. Roger Parsons, MABE
Dr. Wes Hines, NE
Dr. Nour Abdoulmoumine, BSE
Dr. Kim Carter, CEE
Dr. Jim Ostrowski, ISE
Dr. Joshua Sangoro, CBE
Dr. Haixuan Xu, MSE
Dr. David Donovan, NE
Dr. Klaus Blache, ISE

Congratulations to all the participants!