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UT Teaming with Intel to Advance HPC and Visualization through oneAPI

Intel is launching a oneAPI center at UT, with one research thrust coming from the Innovative Computing Laboratory and another from EECS.

Pulgar Shares Cultural Connections and Diversity of Approaches

I was awarded the NSF Career Award at the beginning of the year, and I planned through this award to work with Hispanic students. I started to work with Lenoir City High School as there is a high percentage of Hispanic students here.

Hayward and Wen Lead Research in Detecting Shielded Contraband in Cargo

NE Professor Jason Hayward and Assistant Research Professor Xianfei Wen lead a $2.5M study to develop advanced methods to detect contraband that contains special nuclear materials.

UT Partners in Advanced Composites Research through NSF Program

“Through this grant, we will be able to strengthen industry partnerships that advance groundbreaking research and development in advanced composites,” said Uday Vaidya, UT–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair for Advanced Composites Manufacturing and UT’s lead on the project.

UT Partners with Enexor to Help Improve Renewable Energy Efficiency

Enexor BioEnergy and UT’s Dayakar Penumadu have teamed up to design and build a combustion engine that can burn waste products with zero carbon emissions.

Two Faculty Members Have Projects Among Finalists of R&D 100 Awards