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Campaign Continues its Successful Journey

When the University of Tennessee launched the “Join the Journey” fundraising campaign at the start of 2012, the Tickle College of Engineering established a goal of $150 million, funds that were planned to invigorate the college, expand facilities, provide student scholarships and faculty support, and cement its place as a driving force at UT and beyond.

Although the original target date was 2020, by 2017 the college had already surpassed its original goal and extended its aim to $200 million, with an end-of-2021 deadline. The campaign currently sits at the $211 million mark, though several individual targets remain.

Included in this remarkable run of success are the addition of two buildings, with a third in the construction phase, the creation of new initiatives and programs, and the naming of the college itself.

As the campaign marches on toward its wrap-up at the end of 2021, here is a look at what has been raised, where it has gone, and how it has transformed the college.

Campaign Support

Capital Campaign Breakdown Chart
  • $6,750,000 Faculty fellowships
  • $19,771,965 College and department funds
  • $33,055,871 Faculty support
  • $41,390,695 Scholarship and fellowship support
  • $110,148,586 Capital projects and programs

Tickle Bridge Icon
New buildings opened
Award Icon
Newly created awards
Upward Arrow Icon
Increase in number of alumni donors

Fellowship and Scholarship Support

Fellowship and Scholarship Support Dot Graph
  • 214
    Scholarships and fellowship funds supported
  • 166
    Faculty funds supported
  • 140
    Student funds supported