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A Journey of Excellence

In 2012, we set out on a journey with a campaign goal of $200,000,000, determined that our college be recognized for its success and its great potential.

Through the generosity of alumni, friends, and corporate partners like you, the Join the Journey Campaign helped transform the college and made a huge impact on the lives of engineers in the making. In the span of just 8 years, students now have access to better facilities, more scholarships, and greater opportunities to address the engineering problems of our community and the world.

Thank you for making this the most transformational campaign in our history and for joining your fellow Volunteers to make this college an even better investment for our students and the state.

TCE Journey Milestones

Together we raised: $238,639,030.00

  • Undergraduate ranking among public universities rose one point per year of the campaign, from 40 to 32
  • Crossed the $1M threshold for Engineering Diversity Program (EDP) Scholarships, resulting in naming of EDP Director position as the Fred D. Brown, Jr. Director


  • The Tickle College of Engineering (John & Ann Tickle)
  • The Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Min & Yu-Fan Kao)
  • Construction began for the Zeanah Engineering Complex (Eric & Elaine Zeanah)

Creation of

  • The Heath Integrated Business & Engineering Program (Ralph Heath)
  • The Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program (Joe Cook)
  • The Edwards Assistant Dean for Integrated Engineering Design (Tom & Elaine Edwards)

Faculty Support $25,056,932

I am extremely grateful for this generous support to improve the recruitment and retention of women engineers through advising student organizations and providing hands-on undergraduate research opportunities in structural mechanics. I am honored to serve as a passionate student advocate dedicated to inspiring our next generation to reach their goals in memory of Jessie Rogers Zeanah.”

Stephanie TerMaath
Associate Professor & Jessie Rogers Zeanah Faculty Fellow
Stephanie TerMaath

Graduate Support $6,302,641

With its close ties to ORNL, the Tickle College of Engineering has offered me a world-class research experience, partnering me with mentors for collaboration and networking. Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Tickle Fellowship has enabled me to focus on my studies and research, while staying engaged in my local community.”

Jeffrey Brookins
Tickle Fellowship Recipient
Jeffrey Brookins

Undergraduate Scholarships $39,164,439

As a research assistant in the Hydraulics and Sedimentation Laboratory, I have studied the effects of natural and man-made structures in flowing canals and used rare earth elements to tag soil and determine erosion patterns. I am sincerely grateful to Volunteer donors because financial aid has helped me continue my education, which I hope to use to make the world a better place.”

Caroline Stephens
TCE Ambassador, FY20 Lawrence Barker Scholar
Caroline Stephens

Strategic Priorities $168,115,018

Pursuing a chemical engineering career is a dream I’ve manifested since childhood, although I want to be more than just an engineer. The education I have received at UT has equipped me with skills to achieve more, even leveraging the convergence of groundbreaking sciences and technologies, which truly impact the world we live in. I want to express my utmost gratitude to the people that have made co-op experiences and scholarships available for us as students to continue on this journey of becoming the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Go Vols!!”

Tasimba Jonga
FY20 Burton Simcox Scholarship
Tasimba Jonga