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Lisa Byrd with TCE Student Trenton Payne

Engineering Advising Office Overview

Engineering Advising serves the academic needs of many undergraduate students:

  • Engineering students who have been officially admitted into the college
  • University students (undecided) who have been officially admitted or readmitted to the university, but who have neither declared a major nor been accepted into a college (a student must be accepted by a college in order to declare a major and subsequently be awarded a degree).
  • Transfer students who have completed work at another institution of higher education or another college at UT, but not yet admitted into an engineering program
  • Reentry and nontraditional students
  • International students

Services offered in Engineering Advising:

  • Serves as coordinating unit for programs that focus on retention and success of Engineering students
  • Coordinates the faculty development program in advising
  • Serves as academic advisor and coordinator for all new undergraduate students admitted into the college
  • Provides consultation in General Education Requirements and all undergraduate engineering majors
  • Conducts orientation advising for all new undergraduate students
  • Conducts academic review advising for freshman
  • Assists transfer students with questions regarding transition to engineering majors
  • Offers consultation concerning the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)
  • Assists students and faculty members with writing petitions
  • Assists freshman students in choosing classes, planning academic programs, declaring majors, and selecting minors
  • Provides assistance with the registration process (MyUTK)
  • Assists with and supports recruiting efforts and scholarship awards
  • Distributes academic information such as changes in university policy or new course offerings to all engineering departments
  • Answers questions regarding university policies
  • Maintains records on engineering students advised in the office

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